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Toolkits, strategies, how-tos, use-of-language guides, and training guides in accessible tourism or related topics

Have a tourism and hospitality access toolkit , guide, checklist or similar (or anything relevant to accessible tourism and hospitality) to add to this list? Let me know at sandrarhodda (at) hotmail dot com

Several international jusrisdictions have Access Tourism Strategies.  They include London (DCMS, 2010), British Columbia Canada (Tourism British Columbia, 2008), Western Australia (Tourism Western Australia, 2007), and Victoria Australia (Tourism Victoria, 2010).   Many international jurisdictions have produced toolkits for tourism business owners who wish to improve access.  The following is a partial list of sites or publications that have such toolkits, or have descriptions of how businesses can improve access for people with disabilities, or have articles on topics relevant to accessible tourim: 

2010 Legacies Now (n.d.). Accessible tourism strategy: Accessibility assessment criteria.

Access Audits Australia (2009). Series: Customer Access Checklists. Developed for the City of Melbourne.

Access Ontario (2009). Accessibility standards for customer service: Training
.  Includes interacting with  people who have various types of disability and/or a guide dog and/or helper,  use of equipment or devices, and policies, practices and procedures for  providing goods and services to people with disabilities.

Accessible Accommodation HMAA Code of Practice for the provision of facilities for the deaf and Hearing-Impaired.  Deafness Forum Australia

Meetings and Events Australia (2009).  Accessible Events: A guide for organizers

Action on Hearing Loss. (2013)  Listen up! Tips and advice to help you welcome customers with hearing lossWith Visit England.

APEC (2003). Best practices in tourism accessibility for travelers with restricted physical ability. Final report. APEC Tourism Working Group. Singapore: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Secretariat.

Arts Access Aotearoa New Zealand  Accessibility checklist for arts organizations and venues.

Arts Council England (2003) Disability Access: a good practive guide for the arts.

Australian Human Rights Commission (2004). Missed business? How to attract more customers by providing better access to your business.

Barrier Free NZ Trust (2013).  Barrier Free Built Environments:  guidelines for quality accessibility using NZ Standard 4121 and the NZ Building Code.

Bayley, A.S. (2014). Making your events more accessible is not that hard

Be. Accessible Business Toolkit

British Tourism Authority (2009). One Step Ahead: The standard to let you accommodate older and less mobile guests.

British Standards Institution (2008). Guidance on accessibility of large hotel premises and hotel chains (PAS 88:2008).

Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (2013).  Tourism: Universal design toolkit for customer engagement. 1. Written communication.  National Disability Authority, Ireland.

Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (2013).  Tourism: Universal design toolkit for customer engagement.  2.  Face-to-face, telephone & video communication.    National Disability Authority, Ireland.

Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (2013).  Tourism: Universal design toolkit for customer engagement.  3.  Electronic and web based communication.    National Disability Authority, Ireland.

Centre for Excellence in Universal Design (2013). Tourism: Universal design toolkit for customer engagement. 4. Business case and overview.  National Disability Authority, Ireland.

Christchurch City Council (Updated 30 June 2010).  Accessible facilities report template. Form B-065. Environmental Policy Unit.  Available by searching here

CWST – see Miesenberger

Destination Gippsland (2013). Gippsland Accessible Tourism Plan  2013-2015

DCMS (2010). Accessible tourism: Making it work for yourbusiness.  Produced on behalf of the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport, U.K. by the Accessible Tourism Stakeholder Forum for 2012.

Disabled Gear (2013). How to promote your accessible venue.

Disabilities Service Commission . Your Welcome WA Access Initiaitve. Information sheets from website. Information sheets include:

East Midlands Tourism. (2008). Q-Book: Think access: Easy for you, easy for visitors.

Ed. FEDAES (2013). Guía de establecimientos turísticos accesibles

English Heritage (2005).  Easy access to historic landscapes.

English Heritage (2012). Easy access to historic buildings

English Heritage (2013).  Easy access to historic landscapes

European CommissionImproving information on accessible tourism for disabled people.

European Disability Forum. (2011). Freedom Guide: Paving the way towards free movement for persons with disabilities.

European Disabilities Forum (2012).  Freedom Guide: Paving the way towards free movement for persons with disabilities

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (2013). Joining up fundamental rights: Toolkit for local, regional, and national public officials.  EUFRA.

Flores. M. (2006). Optimization of Hotel Reception and Accommodation Service Management for Guests with DisabilitiesThe Review of Disability Studies: An International Journal Volume 2, Issue 2

G3ict (2014).  Developing e-accessibility as a professional skill: Business case.  White paper Series, Global Initiative for Inclusive Information and Communication Technologies, 22pp.

GAATES. (2015).  Toolkit: Key indicators of accessibility.  Reporting on the UN CRPD. The Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments. 42 pp.

IATA (1981). Incapacitated passengers handling guide. Montreal, Canada: International Air Transport Association.

Independent Living Centre of Western Australia Inc (n.d.).  GuestAbility: Signposts to accommodating people of all ages and abilities.  QDI Direct Press, Perth. 59pp.

Instituto de BIOmechanica de Valencia (2012) Manual de Buenas práctica sobre Turismo Accesible

International Civil Aviation Organization (2013). Manual on Access to Air Transport by Persons with Disabilities. UN ICAO.

ITC Hotels India (2012). Hotel Accessibility Manual: A guide to universal design: Guide to creating accessible building infrastructure for persons with disabilities: Structural needs and finishes in the built environment.

Leonard Cheshire Disability and Inclusive Research Centre (2013).  Research toolkit for Disabled People’s Organisations: How to undertake and use applied research.  University College London.

Madrid City (2012).  Best Practices catalogue: Accessible Tourism Program “Tourism for Everyone”

Media Access Australia (2013).  Service providers accessibility guide: a quick reference guide for accessible communications.   Funded by the Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs. PDF: DOCX

Meetings and Events Australia (2006). Accessible Events:  A Guide For Organisers.

Melbourne and Olympic Parks (2014).  Diversity and inclusion plan, 2014-2017.

Miesenberger, K., et al (2009).  CWST Accessible Events Handbook:  A guide to better accessible and more inclusive events. The CWST Project Consortium, Linz.

Ministry of Social Development (2014)  Think Differently Media Manual: Use the media to change attitudes and behaviour toward people with disability

Ministry of Social Development (2015). Positive ageing strategy New Zealand.

McNaughton, I, and Powles, M, 2009.  Arts for All, Opening Doors for Disabled People.

Moreland City Council (2007). Good access is good business: a guide for small business and retailers.

National Alliance for Accessible Golf (2010).  Toolkit for golf course owners and operators, USA.

National Disability Authority Ireland (n.d).  Accessibility toolkit for public sector staff.

North East England Tourism. Profit through access online training.

Organización Mundial del Turismo (OMT) Madrid (España) (2014).  Manual sobre Turismo Accesible para Todos: Principios, herramientas y buenas prácticas – Módulo I: Turismo Accesible – definición y context.

PuedoViajar (2012). Guía básica para la accesibilidad en el comercio y la hostelería 

Rains, S., and Pruett, S. (2014). Universal design guide for inclusive tourism. 20 pp

Royal National Institute of Blind People UK (2011).  The retail experience: How to make shopping accessible for blind and partially sighted people.  RNIB Good practice and standards, 22 pp.

RTCI (various).  Several guides to talking or writing about people with disabilities.   Kansas University Research & Training Center on Independent Living

Ruh, D (2013).  How to Provide Quality Customer Service to Customers with Disabilities The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs G3ict

Scandic Hotels (2012).   Scandic’s Accessibility Standards.

Servicio National de Turismo de Chile.  Manual de accesibilidad turistica para personas con movilidad reducida y discpacidad

Tourism Queensland (2004). Disability tourism.

Tourism South East (2009). Think access: Easy for you, easy for visitors.

Tourism Victoria (n.d.). Accessible Tourism Plan 2010-2013.

Tourism Victoria (2013).  Accessible Tourism: it’s your business.

Transport for London (2012) Your accessible transport network.  PS12_070 Accessibility report 2012 AW2.

Unitarian Universalist (n.d.).  Access checklist for meeting and conference

United Kingdom Government (2011) Accessible train and station design for disabled people Government of the United Kingdom, Department of Transport and Transport Scotland

United Kingdom Government (2013).  Accessibility: How to make services that everyone can use.  Government Services Design Manual.  Digital by Default Service Standard.

United Nations World Tourism Organization (2013). Update of the 2005 UNWTO General Assembly Recommendations on “Accessible Tourism for All”, taking into consideration the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of @007. UNWTO, 14 pp.

Valencia Tourism Board (2012).  Manual de buenas practicas sobre turismo accessible.

Visit Britain (2004). National Accessible Scheme

Visit Britain (20008). Easy does it: Simple, low-cost changes to
benefit you and your visitors

Visit England (2009). One step ahead: the standard to help you accommodate older and less mobile guests.

Visit England (2012).  Access Statement Online Tool, new version.

VisitEnglandAccessibity Action Plan.  A Strategic Action Plan for Tourism 2010-2020.

Visit England. (2013)  Listen up! Tips and advice to help you welcome customers with hearing loss.  With Action on Hearing Loss.

VisitEngland (2013).  Speak Up: A guide to marketing your accessibility. Guide for accessible tourism businesses on how to promote to the access tourism market

Visit Scotland (2013).  Accessible tourism: Unlocking the potential.

Union of European Football Associations (2011).  Access for all: UEFA and CAFÉ good practice guide to creating an accessible stadium and matchday experience.   UEFA, Switzerland.  Level Playing Field.   115 pp.

Upper Hutt City Council NZ (2011).  Discover: serving customers with disabilities.

Upper Hutt City Council NZ (2011).  Discover: serving customers with disabilities: Training guide.